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Orange Dream Popup

door cfcbait
Oorspronkelijke prijs 65.00 - Oorspronkelijke prijs 65.00
Oorspronkelijke prijs
65.00 - 65.00
Huidige prijs 65.00
The latest addition to our range of pop-ups is Orange Dream.

As the name suggests, this pop-up is based on the citrus fruit, Orange.

What sets this pop-up apart is that it doesn't rely on a traditional alcohol or oil-based flavor. Instead, the flavor and scent profile are solely derived from essential oils extracted from various citrus fruits, creating a sweet yet fresh aroma and taste of ripe oranges with a hint of acidity.

The essential oils are complemented by CFC-BAITS' unique blend of attractors, which includes additional essential oils, Citric acid, N-butyric Acid, and DMPT.

The pop-up effect is unparalleled, and these pop-ups remain buoyant for the duration of your session.

An absolute big-hit bait that delivers outstanding results.