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Scoopex Banana Shelflife 18 mm

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Prix d'origine 90.00 - Prix d'origine 395.00
Prix d'origine
90.00 - 395.00
Prix actuel 90.00
We are proud to present our highly sought-after Scopex Banana boilie.

After over a year of testing and countless captures, the time has come to release our latest creation.

This boilie is designed as an all-year-round bait, performing exceptionally well during the colder months. However, don't be mistaken - it can be deadly in the warmer months as well, especially when combined with particle baiting.

The dry mix of the boilie is built around a luxurious milk blend, tiger nut meal, a high-quality bird food mix, and premium liver meal. All the dry mix ingredients in this unique boilie are easily digestible.

The wet mix consists solely of water-soluble ingredients, including our renowned Salty Peanut liquid, ensuring maximum leakage and digestibility.

The flavor combination features our famous Sweet Ariena banana flavor, sweetly balanced with a deliciously rich and smooth Scopex caramel flavor.

This boilie is an absolute beast, suitable for all-year-round fishing, and the carp simply can't resist it.