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Pineapple Pop-ups

par cfcbait
Prix d'origine 65.00 - Prix d'origine 65.00
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CFC-Baits is proud to introduce our long-awaited unique Pineapple Pop-up. It has taken us a long time to reach the perfect combination of flavors and essential oils, but we believe we have created the ultimate pineapple flavor.

From the moment you open the lid, you will be greeted with an overwhelming aroma of ripe, sweet pineapple, complemented by a freshness from the added acidity. It is an absolutely sublime and well-rounded flavor combination that has already proven successful in catching many big carp.

The flavor is enhanced by CFC-BAITS' own attractor combination, which includes essential oils, bromelain, citric acid, N-butyric acid, and DMPT.