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Spicy Peach Pop-ups

par cfcbait
Prix d'origine 65.00 - Prix d'origine 65.00
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This orange "old school" popup with a sweet fruit flavor of peach has always been considered an effective big-catch pop-up.

When you open this jar, you are met with a soft, sweet, exotic aroma of ripe peaches, which immediately gets both your and the carp's mouths watering.

Spicy Peach has proven to be a really good choice for outwitting the big carp in the colder months of the year over the past few years, but it can certainly also be deadly in the hottest summer months.

The flavor itself is supplemented by CFC-BAITS own attractor combination, which includes essential oils, Citric acid, N-butyric Acid, and DMPT.

The Pop-up effect itself is unparalleled and these pop-ups remain 'popped out' as long as your bait may last.