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Chicken Liver Liquid compound

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Prix d'origine 99.00 - Prix d'origine 169.00
Prix d'origine
99.00 - 169.00
Prix actuel 99.00
Our liquid liver is made from fresh chicken liver that has been enzymatically hydrolyzed. This process produces bioactive peptides and smaller amino acid chains that result in a much faster absorption of nutrients, enhances repair of damaged muscle tissue, and stimulates feeding in carp.

Our liquid liver compound stands out for its excellent amino acid profile, which, combined with its high iron content, has a magical ability to attract the biggest fish.

Our Chicken Liver Liquid compound has a distinctive aromatic and rounded scent that is unmistakable. The product is perfect for boosting your pellets and particles, but can also be used to pre-boost hookbaits or your boilies.

Available in 500ml and 1L.