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About CFC bait


A newer company with over 7 years of experience whose intention is to provide Danish and international carp anglers with the absolute best products at a reasonable price.
The focal point of CFC's products is quality above all. Only the very best ingredients have been used to create a true HNV (High Nutritional Value) boilie. The products have been carefully selected through multiple trips to German and Dutch manufacturers to find the best ingredients.

At CFC-Bait, it is not only the selection of ingredients that we prioritize, but also the combination of how each ingredient interacts with the carefully selected and wide range of 100% natural flavors, essential oils, active amino acids, and a broad palette of vitamins, which make these products truly unique.

During production, both the dry mix, wet mix, and vitamin/mineral content are controlled. We conduct checks before, during, and after rolling, and we continuously develop our products to ensure that you always receive the best quality. Our products have been thoroughly tested in all types of waters, with different pH values and sediment types, to ensure optimal performance in all possible scenarios.

In other words, when you choose our boilies, dips, or pop-ups, you are getting unparalleled quality that will undoubtedly increase your catch rate. _________________________________________________