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Spicy Peach hookbait 18/20 mm

door cfcbait
Oorspronkelijke prijs 75.00 - Oorspronkelijke prijs 75.00
Oorspronkelijke prijs
75.00 - 75.00
Huidige prijs 75.00
Hookbaits are not just hookbaits!

This is the Rolls Royce within hookbaits.

Our coveted delicious Spicy Peach in hookbait version delivers the same fantastic properties as the feed boilies themselves, but in addition, extra attention has been paid to the details.

The boilie itself is hardened, so it stays longer on your hair than a boilie directly from the bag, but in addition, these hookbaits are also coated several times, with a composition of delicious ingredients such as tiger nut flour, high-grade fishmeal, and milk proteins bound together by our delicious Salminol oil. Added to this is CFC-Baits' own unique blend of attractors, which will surely increase your catch rate.