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Spicy Squid Hard Hookbait

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75.00 - 75.00
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Hookbaits are not just hookbaits!

Our highly sought-after and delicious Spicy Squid boilies are now available in a version designed to be hair-rigged - and stay on the hair, even during long sessions, in water with low pH, or in waters with challenges such as crayfish.

Once you have placed one of these hard hookers on your hair, you can be confident that you are fishing effectively regardless of the conditions.

Although the boilie is hardened to stay on your hair for a significantly longer time than a boilie straight from the bag, they deliver the same fantastic properties as the feed boilies. Additionally, our hard hookbaits are infused with CFC-Baits' unique blend of attractors, which will undoubtedly increase your catch rate. An absolute must-have for demanding fishing.

Perfect for long sessions
Prevent crayfish and other pests from consuming the bait
Contains additional attractors