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Hot Amanda Pop-ups

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Our white Hot Amanda is a chapter on its own.

With Hot Amanda Pop-Ups, in our opinion, you get the complete palette of classic flavor and essential oil combined with a luxurious milk popup mix, with a uniquely composed amino acid profile.

The flavor Hot Amanda, is the popular sqopex which with its powerful caramel scent meets you when the lid is lifted, followed by a velvety sweet condensed milk, which finally ends in the crisp scent of roasted nuts. This unique flavor combination took many months to fully develop.

The Pop-up effect itself is unparalleled and these pop-ups remain 'popped out' as long as your bait may last.

The flavor itself is supplemented by CFC-BAITS own attractor combination, which includes essential oils, Citric acid, N-butyric Acid, and DMPT.

A "must-have" in the bag.