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Old Fashion Pop-ups (15 mm)

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Old Fashion.

With our Old Fashion, you are guaranteed a scent that will truly awaken your senses. The moment you unscrew the lid of the jar, you are greeted with a warm fruity scent of orange, perfectly spiced with an incredibly smooth whiskey flavor. The flavor combination is constructed using oil and alcohol-based flavors and essential oils, ensuring maximum pulling power throughout all four seasons of the year.

Old Fashion is composed of our high-quality milk-based popup mix, combined with a wide range of feed stimulants, multi-stim, essential oils, and alcohol-based flavor.

The flavor itself is supplemented by CFC-BAITS' own attractor combination, which includes essential oils, Citric acid, N-butyric Acid, and DMPT.

The Pop-up effect itself is unparalleled, and these pop-ups remain 'popped out' as long as your bait may last.