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About CFC Bait

With over 9 years of dedication and expertise, CFC-Bait is your preferred choice when it comes to high-quality carp fishing. We have a clear mission: to offer Danish and international carp anglers the best quality at a fair price.

Quality is at the heart of CFC-Bait. We use only the finest ingredients to create genuine HNV boilies (High Nutritional Value), providing maximum attraction and nutrition. Our careful selection of ingredients takes us on journeys to producers in Denmark and throughout Scandinavia to ensure we get the best of the best.

At CFC-Bait, we combine the best raw materials with our extensive knowledge of natural flavours, essential oils, active amino acids, and vitamins. This unique composition ensures that our products not only attract the fish but also provide the carp with the nutrition they need.

Our production is subject to strict quality controls, and we are one of the only bait manufacturers approved by the Food Administration. Every phase, from dry mix to wet mix and the addition of vitamins and minerals, is closely monitored. We continuously test and develop our products to ensure you always get the highest quality. Our boilies are thoroughly tested in all conditions.

When you choose CFC-Bait – whether it's boilies, dips, or pop-ups – you choose unmatched quality. Our products are designed to significantly increase your catch rate and make your fishing trips more successful and satisfying.

CFC-Bait: Scandinavian quality.


  • Phone: +45 71 72 20 20
  • Address: Præsteskovvej 9, 6630 Rødding - Denmark
  • Started: 17-06-2015
  • VAT No: 36927798
  • Contact us at: